As preparation for the "Small Town Tour" on the Sean and Richie Show in Mechanicville this Friday morning, I decided to see what I could find out about this wonderful town. After a few Google searches and a stop at Wikipedia, I learned that there just isn't a lot out there about this town. It would seem that people who live in Mechanicville just want to be left alone.

It seems that Steve Carell, who you may know now as "Michael Scott" from "The Office", had a similar problem back in 2001. He at that time was a correspondent for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart". Well you may or may not know that this TV and movie star came to the small town of Mechanicville to look for someone with a story, because as he put it, "Everyone has a story". Turns out maybe in Mechanicville, they don't.

Really it is a pretty funny bit, and while it certainly pokes a little fun at small town people, I think it was really cool that he came to our neck of the woods to do it.

Here is the video from 2001, it makes me wonder what he really did think of our little town.




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