A lot of times, Schenectady gets bad judgement but it's my hometown and I'm proud of the people that work hard everyday to protect me. This story is more proof that we have great people in our city!

Over the weekend, two Schenectady Officers, Officers Christopher Wilgocki and Mark Weekes, stopped when they noticed someone needed help. As you probably remember, we had a lot of rain over the weekend, that's when the two officers stopped their car to help someone stuck out in it.

The Daily Gazette is reporting that a woman was carrying groceries using a walker when the rain started. The two officers loaded the woman's groceries and walker into their patrol car and decided to take her home. There was a witness, Jen Graves, on the scene who showed up just as the officers were loading the car and started filming. Graves said, "I thought that it was so sweet and with all the bad news out there these days this was refreshing."

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