Fourth of July may seem a little far away but Schenectady County is already debating it and what you're allowed to use for the holiday.

The new state law allows the use of sparklers and small fireworks unless a county specifically opts out, according to News10ABC. Schenectady County had banned sparklers last year but with this new law, have to revisit their decision.

Schenectady was the first county to ban sparklers. At the time, the news caused some uproar with people saying it dampens the fun on Fourth of July. Whereas other people called sparklers a "gateway" to illegal fireworks.

Don't assume which way Schenectady will be leaning. With this new law, both sides will be heard again. Legislators will hold a public hearing on April 2nd. Do you have an opinion on banning sparklers? Which side do you find yourself: are they a gateway or does it take away some of the Fourth of July fun?

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