One of our favorite local spots is set to reopen its doors while bringing back the one thing we are craving the most!

One of my favorite spots in the Capital Region, and I think for Country fans in general, is the Saratoga Winery. With great wine, food, and atmosphere I can't think of a better place to spend an afternoon or evening. If you have been missing all of these plus the great live music they have, the winery revealed some great news on their Facebook page yesterday.

The winery is set to reopen next Friday, March 5th for indoor dining and live music in their wine barn. According to their post, the winery is encouraging reservations on their website. I a sure they are encouraging reservations as there will be a lot of folks clamoring to sit down at the winery to enjoy all they have to offer.

We have been a part of so many great events at Saratoga Winery. Their Hillbilly Bashes are a blast! Plus, our special SPAC pre-show parties featuring some great County up-and-comers, like the one we did a couple of summers ago with Carly Pearce, have just been amazing experiences in the winery's beautiful outdoor setting.


As we head into spring, it is just great news to hear about another local business returning to action. The grip of the pandemic seems to be getting looser when it comes to the past times we take part in as all the guidelines and restrictions we have been living with are starting to get rolled back, bit by bit. It does feel like we are heading towards rebirth in the season ahead.

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