Tonight, Saratoga Springs own Steven Brundage will be performing on NBC’s” America’s Got Talent!”

Steven Brundage will be trying out for the show tonight, impressing us with his skills as a magician. You may remember Steven Brundage from his video that went viral last year.  Steven was pulled over by police for speeding, when he explained he was heading home from a holiday event, he showed off his skills to the officers and didn’t get a ticket!  Take a look:

If Brundage can wow the judges like he wowed the police officers, he is on the compete this summer for $1 Million!   He has a tough road ahead of him though as he is being judged by Simon Cowell – he’s a pretty tough one to impress!

The episode of America’s Got Talent airs tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.

We wish Steven the best of luck and hope he makes it through to the live show!

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