There is a video circulating through social media of an amusement park that we used to go to as a kid. The video is from 1985 and all of the rides, the swimming pool, and the basketball courts have me thinking about how much fun we had there as kids. A lot of my childhood was spent in and around Saratoga Lake. My grandparents had a camp along the lake and we spend many summers up there. From my grandparents' camp, you could look across the lake and see Kaydeross Park. It was an amusement park with a few rides, a swimming pool with diving boards, an arcade and basketball courts. Every so often we would drive around to the other side of the lake and enjoy Kaydeross Park.

I came across this YouTube video from Steve Pustelnyk and it immediately brought me back. I spent the four and a half minutes reminiscing about my childhood and some pretty great memories. I remember getting up the nerve to climb the diving board and dive in from way high in the air. I remember riding the umbrellas and thinking that we were going to go right into the lake. Fun times with my family that I cherish forever. I am so happy I came across this video, it really brought me back.

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