Lets chat for a sec.

As a fan of all sorts of music, like most people, I find this super odd. So before you comment just from seeing a picture of him, I want to fill you in on a couple of things that just might open up your eyes.

So many songwriters, musicians, performers, humans are influenced by so many different types of music throughout their lifetime. Someone like Sam Hunt states he's been influenced by Brad Paisley, Usher and Alice Cooper, just to name a few. I mean, look at your iPod, if it's strictly country, you're in the minority.

As a songwriter myself, I never know what is going to influence my writing, or my writing style but I will say this if it tells a story and paints a picture, you best well know that it's a country song. (Side note: I never would've expected my writing to lean to one genre and the reasons I just mentioned are why most are being produced country.)

In fact, Sam Hunt has written numerous hits for major country stars. Like Kenny Chesneys "Come Over" - hear them side by side and note that they really aren't all that different. If anything, I enjoy Sams more stripped down version of the song - it gives it more emotion, to me.

Still not convinced? That's cool.

How about Keith Urbans "Cop Car?" Sam had such a connection to the song he ended up including it on his debut album, "Montevallo."

He's also had hits for Billy Currington ("We Are Tonight") as well as the current #1 hit for William Michael Morgan entitled "I Met a Girl." All can be heard on Sams original Mixtape released a couple years ago (now available on iTunes.)

Outside of these hits, he's had 4 consecutive number 1 hits of his own on country radio. This has allowed him to break Billboards country record with the first solo male to do this since the charts launch in 1990.

His style, I'll give you this, is not "traditional country" but I personally think that is why he is so successful. He's allowed country fans and the non-country fans alike to enjoy what he brings to the table. His influences are varied and he's true to himself, yet writes well crafted stories from personal experiences and relationships which, if anything is more country than anything anyone could ask for.

Sure, he's not sporting a cowboy hat - how many country artists still do? Do we need a cowboy or a talented musician? And please, before you question talent review the above. Your musical taste might not be craving what Sam Hunt has to offer, but my musical taste buds might not crave half of what you enjoy. It's personal preference and at the end of the day, this guy is immensely successful for a reason.

Jason Aldean has also been slated to headline Taste of Country's 3-day music festival June 9-11th, 2017 at Hunter Mountain and it's sure to be an absolutely amazing way to kick off the summer concert season. To get more information about the festival, tickets and more visit here.

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