Most people know the saying "safety in numbers" but another saying should also be "run in numbers" if only because running with a group can often times be more fun than running solo. With the Insane Inflatable 5K, coming to Ellms Family Farm on Sept. 13-14 it is time to assemble a team and look at the 3 most important pros of having a squad partake in the day's fun with you.

Do you have any favorite things about running with a group? Show us Sept. 13-14 during the Insane Inflatable 5K at Ellms Family Farm!

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    Pro #1 Motivation

    No one wants to be the last person when running a 5K so having people that motivate you not to be the last person in your group is a huge upside. Being surrounded by your friends, coworkers, or whomever you brought will push you to go faster than you would if no one was watching. No one said anything about being first so do not worry, find a nice spot in the middle which allows you to change your speed, be around people, and have fun not being last!

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    Pro #2 Outfits

    Think about it, running in a fun 5K gives you and your group so much freedom with fun and creative ideas. Starting with your team name you have the chance to think of something cheeky and fun to make other runners jealous of your squad. Then once you have a name you  can elevate your normal running gear to something that will stop other teams in their tracks. Something that we learned from high school history class is that uniforms are intimidating to opposing forces. So assemble your group (aka mini running army) and figure out what cool garb you will be wearing to make sure other runners know who is boss.

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    Pro #3 Inside Jokes

    With this 5K being described as “the most fun, wild and insane obstacle run in the world,” complete with 11 inflatable obstacles that will both challenge you and bring out your inner child there is plenty of material to develop inside jokes with your group. Once someone falls during the "big ball obstacle" you will have joke material for years... just make sure you are not the one that does fall.