You've mentioned it to your friends, you talked about what a funny idea it would be, and the Cross Country team at RPI beat us all to it!

Vincent Putrino, a college senior at RPI, is the captain of the cross country/track and field teams with the team decided that they wanted Chick-Fil-A for a team lunch. As you know, the problem is that the closest one is in Massachusetts, unless you're flying out of Albany International Airport.

According to News10, Putrino didn't think the three-hour round trip was worth just lunch for the team so he did something we all joked about doing. He bought a plane ticket.

The team got together and decided that pooling their money for a single plane ticket was worth the delicious chicken sandwiches they would be eating for lunch that day. Putrino bought a ticket to Fort Lauderdale since for $98 it wa the cheapest ticket available. The cost per person ended up being only $5.50 for the ticket itself.

Putrino made his way through TSA with an order for the 18 guys on his team, including himself. He got the food and walked back out, he ended up getting "15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches, 15 large fries, 156 nuggets, a bag of cookies, and a lemonade. The total cost of the food order came out to be $227.28."

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