A North Adams, Massachusetts Police officer was on patrol early Friday morning when he made stopped a vehicle because it was speeding.

Heroin Bag
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Instead of giving a ticket for speeding, he ended up making a drug bust. A K9 officer was brought to the scene and discovered several hundred bags of heroin. In addition to the heroin, a search also found drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs.

Two people were arrested and charged with Conspiracy To Violate Drug Laws and Possession Of Heroin. They are 39-year-old Ronald Schneider and 40-year-old Toni Clifford, both from North Adams. In the article from The Berkshire Eagle, Schneider had Tramadol pills in his pocket, and Clifford was carrying 157 bags of heroin.

In the story from CBS 6 Albany, three other passengers that were in the car were also arrested.

It’s not known whether authorities received a tip about the drugs, were conducting an ongoing a police investigation, or if it was out of a chance.

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