Since the 2016 presidential election on Tuesday (Nov. 8), Americans -- country stars included -- have been buzzing about President-Elect Donald Trump's stunning victory and what will happen when he takes office on Jan. 20, 2017. Just a few days after the election, Ronnie Dunn has shared some of his own thoughts on what may happen in the next four years.

On Nov. 10, Dunn stopped by Nash Country Daily to talk about his new album, Tattooed Heart, and he shared some of his thoughts on the recent polarizing election. Dunn admits that, like many Americans, he has become increasingly disheartened by the election process, often finding himself picking between two unfavorable candidates.

“I’m like everyone else ... I think, for the last few elections, I’ve caught myself voting and making a decision out of default, you know? I never feel like, 'Hey, there’s the one candidate that I’m just crazy about.'" Dunn sharesadding that a huge part of the problem is that voters never truly know what candidates stand for during the campaign season: "They’re always blatantly telling you exactly what they think you want to hear to get your vote, obviously. Who knows what their real agenda is? Who knows what any of their real agendas are once they get through the White House doors, so it’s tough."

Now that he's earned the Oval Office, though, Dunn says that there's two things he really wants to see Trump accomplish in his four years in office.

"I think there’s two things that, if he can do in his first four years, he could walk out and go home and say, ‘I pulled it off.’" Dunn says. "That’s to get the Supreme Court set out and balanced like it needs to be for the good of America, whatever that is, and deal with healthcare. At least get healthcare on some kind of right track. That’s going to be the big challenge. That requires a cultural upheaval."

But although Dunn isn't sure what will happen when Trump takes office, or how the country will react, he doesn't necessarily think that change is a bad thing.

"I don’t think that it’s a bad idea to have some things disrupted right now," he says. "Change never comes without a little bit of pain and effort, and I think that we’re probably set for that to happen."

Dunn also notes that there will always be uncertainty around a new president until he gets in the White House.

"We may end up thinking he’s one of the better presidents to ever happen, you never know," he says about President-Elect Trump. "We’ve had guys step up there who we thought ... were going to lead us to the promised land, and nothing."

Dunn references some of President Barack Obama's recent thoughts when discussing America's need to come together and take responsibility for our actions as a country.

"I love what Obama said, I think it was yesterday. He said, ‘No matter who steps into this office, once you walk through the door, you realize that it’s bigger than you are,’" Dunn recalls. "We sit back as a population in this country, as most people do, and think, ‘Uh, hey, these guys make all the choices, and they lead us down the path.’ In reality, that’s not the case. We do. As long as we remember that, and we stay united, we’re okay."

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