After many have shared and commented on the video of water inside of Rivers Casino, they have released a statement addressing the actual damage and what was happening in the video itself.

All over Facebook yesterday afternoon, people were sharing the same video we shared from Louis Carciobolo. The short 30 or so second video shows water entering Rivers Casino in Downtown Schenectady around slot machines after the intense storm yesterday that left more than 9000 without power.

Based on the video, it's hard to see where the water was coming from as well as any damage that may have come from the water. Rivers Casino has released a statement to hopefully answer any questions you may have based on the trending video.

Statement from Justin Moore, General Manager of the Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady:

"Schenectady was hit today with a microburst storm that resulted in minor damage at the Rivers Casino & Resort property. The inside of the casino itself had no damage or power outages. However, outside, a clogged drain pipe resulted in some flooding of the smoking patio. Despite the heavy water flow, the slot machines in that area were not damaged. A hotel lobby window was also broken after part of a tent that had been set up outside for a wedding on Saturday, that was due to come down Monday, was torn in half by the wind and thrown through the air, shattering the lobby window.”

They also added that damage to the outside of the casino was minor and that no one was hurt through the storm. Also, that the casino never closed during the storm and continues to stay open and fully operational today.

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