I know it's confusing, but my namesake - Rich Phillips- had a movie made after him.

They had a sneak preview last night for "Captain Phillips," and both of us Phillips' went to see it. Our review below.

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I'm sure that you know who the third guy from the left is.  Of course, that's Tom Hanks (the good captain). However, there's another actor up here who plays the very, very BAD captain. You'll have to see the movie to know what I'm talking about, and it's really funny to see him here in a suit (that's all I'm gonna say).

This is based on a true story, of course. It's about a cargo ship that is taken over in 2009  by Somali pirates. It, according to IMDB.com is the first American cargo ship to be hjacked in two hundred years.

There are many twists and turns in this film. You definitely walk away realizing just how incredibly brave he and the crew were to withstand an attack like this (Phillips especially).

Honestly though? The guys that play the pirates are just as worthy of an Academy Award nomination as Hanks!  At no point do you feel that they are just "acting" the part of angry criminals. They kept me planted at the edge of my seat almost all the way through,  and I mean that literally.  Here is the official trailer, by the way.

And even though we all know how it all ends, that doesn't seem to ruin the film.  You still want to sit through it anyway. It's pretty violent, and I'm not a fan of violent movies, but again, it's a true story so you know it's not gratuitous.

So, from one Phillips to another, go see it!  You can go to their official website here.