As we get closer to the 10th anniversary of September 11th you'll see more and more people and media outlets begin to "Remember 9/11". This has been a very difficult topic for me to handle every year since 2001. The tough thing is how do you remember and respect the men and women lost on that day and the days since protecting this country without taking advantage?

I like many people remember exactly where I was that morning. I was the board op for the "King of All Media". I was paying no mind to the 36 inch Sony flat screen that was already telling the story of the Twin Towers in the corner of the studio. When I heard Howard Stern say "What...A plane hit the World Trade Center?" My jaw hit the floor when I turned and saw the TV and the tragedy in front of me. I spent the rest of the morning checking on family and doing what I could to keep the public informed. I even spoke with Sean right here on WGNA a little later that morning.

My point is I see other TV, Radio Stations and public figures take advantage of the public in times like these and use it to get attention. I think it's important to remember that day, the people lost, the heroes born or the heroes just given real credit for the first time that day, but I don't ever want to take it to a place where it becomes about me. I think back to the flag being everywhere the extra kindness we all showed each other and I am so proud of this country.

Why am I saying this today? Because I just saw a video geared to teach kids about 9/11 and it is terrible. I fully acknowledge how hard it is to explain that day to a child. When my daughter saw the display at the New York State Museum of a burned firetruck and destroyed steel beams that once were part of a wonderful building. I struggled with every word as I told her about the bad man name Bin Laden and what he and his followers did for reasons I still don't truly understand myself. That being said I think maybe Mike Huckabee's heart was in the right place when as part of a series of DVD's he's developed to teach kids history called "Learn Our History" he made this one about 9/11.



However after watching it I hate it. Not sure what upsets me the most about it. Is it the cheesy animation, the total lack of emotion or maybe it's just the way I feel it underestimates our kids. I could just be overly sensitive about it but telling a story this important with a "Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego" vibe is disgusting to me.