Wondering where you can register to vote or how to do so? Perhaps you need to change your registration, your address, your party, or other information? Here's where to register to vote, and how!http://www.elections.ny.gov/

It's pretty easy to register to vote in New York State. One option is to visit your local board of elections and register in person. If you'd like a voter registration form mailed to you, call 1-800-FOR-VOTE to request a form.

You can change your registration online through the NY DMV website.

If you're not sure what your registration information is, or if it's current, you can look up your registration.

If you would like to see who is up for election, request an absentee ballot, have a question about the new electronic voting machines, or other information, the New York State Board of Elections site is a great resource.

You can always print out a form and mail it in too:

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