The American Red Cross volunteers will be knocking on doors throughout the Capital Region to install smoke detectors for those who need them. They are hoping they get a warmer reception by getting the word out sooner this year. The American Red Cross volunteers will be heading to Albany, Schenectady and Troy in hopes to make more houses safer by installing one thousand smoke detectors. Like many things in our homes, these smoke alarms expire. There are also some homes that do not have alarms at all. So volunteers will come knocking to give those residents one for free and install it for them.

According to News Channel 13, the American Red Cross is already stocked up and read to go on May 5th. They are hoping that they can get the word out now so that the certified volunteers won't be turned away. They are not trying to sell residents anything, they are just making homes safer. They hope they will get a more welcoming reception this time around.

In order to install one thousand smoke detectors, volunteers are needed. If you would like to find out how you can be part of the "Sound The Alarm" project, click here.

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