As we watch the nuclear events unfold in Japan there are concerns that radioactivity could be carried to parts of the United States by the wind. Japan seems so far away.

The isotopes from the Japanese reactors could reach parts of Alaska, the West coast, and Hawaii. There has been a huge run on potassium iodide, and anti radiation sickness medication.

In 1953 Radiation from a nuclear incident in the Nevada desert reached Troy, New York with measurable levels. I Japan is 3,000 miles away from parts of the American mainland that could be affected, so I "Mapquested"the distance from Las Vegas to Troy, New York to see how that compares.

The distance was 2,638 miles!  Amazingly close to 3,000.

What was the incident that allowed dangerously high levels of gamma radiation to reach Troy, New York?  Click here for the full story and you will be amazed.  I love local history, and this story makes you think a lot right now.

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