Have you ever seen a kid or even some adults on the street or at the mall and all you can think of doing is smacking them in the back of the head and say "PULL UP YOU PANTS!!!!". How did this become a fashion statement? Showing everyone your tighty whiteys? I don't get it!

Apparently the City of Albany, Georgia (Unfortunately,not here in Albany,NY) have a Saggy Pants Ban. The ban prohibits pants or skirts that set more than three inches below the top of the hips. In addition, skin and underwear cannot be visible, or the pants are too baggy.

The ban is apparently working out quite well for the city as they have netted $4,000 in fines. How much are fines? Well, if you are a first time offender you will have to pay the city $20. Any Violations after that could cost you up to $200. The ordinance also allows 40 hours of community service to be completed in lieu of fines.

The Saggy Pants Ban is also being used in towns in Florida and Louisiana. Hey Governor Cuomo, I know you're a busy man but can you think about making this law for New York State??? Just a thought!