Our friends from Price Chopper/Market 32 came in today with all sorts of goodies for us to try. These are their "summer signature" items and boy were they good. These specialties were worked up by the chef's at Price Chopper to make your summer a little more enjoyable and exciting and I am sure there is at least a few on the list that will get you excited to try them. There is even a signature beer!

You will be able to find these items all summer long throughout all of the stores and put together some amazing meals and barbecues. I love red meat so of course my favorites are the Pub burgers and Tomahawk Rib-eye steaks but there is a little something for everyone's taste.

Here is a list of the items,description and availability from the folks at Price Chopper:

Turkey Legs. Here’s the juiciest news of the summer! Smoked Turkey Drums have arrived as a special summertime Signature Item for our guests. Made from the finest ingredients, these huge 20 to 24-ounce drumsticks are favorites at theme parks and boardwalks throughout America, and are now available exclusively for you. Find them in our Foodfare section and get all the juicy details!

Price Chopper Close up

Tomahawk Ribeye Steak. For the grill meister at your house, notch up the quality with Signature Certified Angus Beef® Tomahawk Ribeye steaks. Considered the most flavorful steak of all because of its superior marbling, the long bone is ”frenched”, making for a beautiful presentation. Averaging three inches in thickness, it can feed a family of four. A feast for eyes and taste buds! Available at Market 32, and for a limited time at Price Chopper stores (6/26-7/2).

Gourmet Pub Burgers. Quantity meets quality in our bigger-than-life Signature ‘Pub Style’ Burger! Crafted with 85% lean Certified Angus Beef and flavoring ingredients that are hand mixed, each patty is a hearty half-pound of ground beef goodness. There’s a flavor for everyone – choose from Buffalo Seasoned Blue Cheese, Portobello and Swiss Cheese, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese, Sweet Onion or regular flavor.

Enjoya Peppers. Wow your guests with Enjoya Peppers – the pretty red and yellow pepper introduced to the world by Dutch grower Wilfred van de Berg. Sweet, crunchy and crisp, this Signature Item tastes great roasted, sautéed, or just chopped up and added to salads. Enjoya peppers make a colorful and delicious addition to any table.

Argentinian Wild Shrimp. This season, get your shrimp on with our 16 to 20 count Wild Argentinian Extra Jumbo Shrimp. Deveined and ready to cook, our Signature shrimp is a versatile low fat, high protein addition to any meal. Great grilled, sautéed or as a shrimp cocktail – you can’t go wrong serving up these plump and juicy treats from the sea.

Salmon Burgers. Planning a backyard barbecue? Add some surf to your turf with Signature Salmon Burgers. Just put them on the grill – they’re a delicious option to beef and packed with protein. Available in four-ounce patties, they’re made with a tasty blend of onions, eggs and Just Mayo. Choose from three delectable flavors: Signature Salmon Burger, Teriyaki, or Spanish and Feta.

Price Chopper Tart

Fruit Tart. Add a sweet touch to any occasion with a Signature Fruit Tart for the family to share. Our wide array of fresh fruit tarts are all made in-store by our talented decorators in assorted shell varieties – square or round shape, shortbread or chocolate pastry. Choose from two classic custard flavors – vanilla or Chantilly cream. Available in all Price Chopper/Market 32 stores.

Cavatappi Deli Salad. If you’re looking for something quick and delicious, check out our Deli and pick up our Signature Cavatappi Salad. It features corkscrew pasta tossed in all-natural mayo. Fresh vegetables including crisp red peppers, shredded carrots and diced celery are also in the mix – and it is onion FREE!!! All seasoned to perfection. Cavatappi Salad is perfect as a nutritious lunch to go or as a cool dinner idea on a hot summer night.

Davidson Brother’s (Glens Falls, NY) American Bright Craft Beer. When you’ve got a big-time thirst, quench it with Signature Davidson Brother’s American Bright Beer. It’s carefully brewed to be an especially clean, clear and refreshingly bright beer. Brewed with 100% American ingredients, American Willamette and MT Hood Hops. It tastes light and refreshing with a smooth and dry finish. Delicious, refreshing Davidson is a crafty way to quench your thirst. Exclusively at Price Chopper/Market 32


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