This dilemma clearly cam to being when somebody was driving to work while listening to "The Sean and Richie Show". We were probably talking about someone problem when this guy was screaming about almost losing his tires in a cavernous rut. I get that, and I certainly understand the frustrations when it comes to tax dollars and how well or not well they are being spent. It isn't quite the "dilemma" we are used to dealing with but I thought that this person was frustrated and clearly needed to be heard.

Here is what our listener wrote in: "I have a dilemma that I'm sure most people have around here. I'm making myself the spokesperson. It's the roads around here. We live in a town that's definitely not shy about raising our taxes. And yet we have streets with deep ruts and potholes and cracks and craters. It's a paradise for gas stations that do wheel alignments. Guys our neighborhood doesn't even have streetlig...hts. Where is all of this tax money going? Ok. I'll even tell you. We live Niskayuna. They've paved Route 7, yes. But the side neighborhood roads look like a third world country. Do your listeners have the same complaints? Shouldn't we be doing something about this and if so-what?"

As always the listeners came through with some good suggestions and a little bit of fun as well. Let's hear what the callers had to say about this one: