In the Albany area, we have been battling big snow storms and very windy and cold days.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

It’s something that we do almost every winter, but the one thing that we can add to that tradition is the pothole. After we get some extremely cold and nasty winter weather, we can expect to start driving on obstacle courses. Parts of the roads start to deteriorate and we find ourselves trying to avoid these bone rattling, teeth chattering bumps, and possible damage to our vehicles if we hit those craters. Sometimes we want it to snow because it actually fills in the potholes.

News 10 ABC had an article about some problems with potholes and other infrastructure issues in the area. The road crews will be out filling in as many of the pot holes that they can, even though it’s a temporary fix until we start to get warmer weather. That’s when they can do a more permanent repair.

Thanks to News 10 ABC, here are some phone numbers that you can call to report those pot holes - If you’re in Albany, call 434-2489. For people in Cohoes call 233-2139. For our friends in Troy, call 270-1115. If you’re in Saratoga Springs, the number is 587-3550. For the folks in Schenectady, call 356-5344. If you’re in Colonie, the pot hole patrol number is 783-2795.

Feel free to share the phone number of the pot hole patrol in your area. Also, please feel free to share your pictures of those nasty potholes and let us know where they are on the WGNA Facebook page. Maybe Richie Phillips could do a parody song about potholes.