While no one would be required to take a vaccine for the coronavirus when it becomes available, one could be required to go to certain public places.

The idea of a vaccine requirement has been recommended to state lawmakers by the New York State Bar Association, according to a CBS 6 story. Basically, if one does not choose to get the vaccine it could limit their access to certain public places that draw crowds, like a bar or restaurant. According to the CBS 6 report it is within the state's reach to pass legislation during a health crisis, and setting some vaccination guidelines would fall under that.

This is a tricky situation. While we want to put this pandemic to bed and in a perfect world we would all like to get the vaccination once it is available, it is not such an easy decision. First, while short-term testing may be effective, long-term effects of a vaccine are still unknown. Plus the fact that a vaccine is being rushed to approval may also make taking it an uneasy decision for many. Will getting back out into large crowds in public be worth what some may perceive as a risk, taking a new vaccine?

Hopefully when it comes down to a vaccine's release and deployment, we all have some more information to make our best individual choice.

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