Social media can be the worst place on the internet but sometimes it's the best way to share dangerous information and in the end, save some lives.

I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed when I saw a post that started to gain legs about a local establishment and a potential kidnapping. According to the post by Lisa Cellucci, there was a couple at a Stewarts in Brunswick that attempted to kidnap her while she was filling up her tire with air.

As her post mentions, she was filling her front passenger tire when a tan mini van pulled up near her. She said that something didn't feel right about the situation so she stayed extra focused on her surroundings. That's when she says she heard someone from the van say, "She’s pumping air- GRAB HER!" Cellucci said that she made herself big, looked at what was around to protect herself, and mouthed to the woman in the van "Come at me b**ch." The couple then "sped backwards & started to peel outta the parking lot."

Cellucci reported the incident to the New York State Troopers in Brunswick who she said responded by saying, "it sounded like it was an attempted sex ring abduction & the case is being turned over to special detectives." She reported the license place but it didn't match the minivan they saw. Apparently, this couple has been seen at the Brunswick Walmart so keep your eyes out. She describes the couple as a "white male around 5’10” w/brown hair (driver) & a middle Eastern woman wearing a black head wrap (passenger)."

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