Lake George is beautiful and there's nothing I want more over the summer than to be out on the lake on a boat just feeling the waves. I've never done this, but is certainly a very different way to experience the water.

Lake George Tiki Tours is based out of the Lake George Beach Club right in Shepard's Park in Lake George Village. If you've gone out on the boardwalk, you've probably seen the unconventional vessels docked. It was up for a vote last night with the Lake George Park Commission whether or not they could add a new boat to their already 2 tiki-style boats for the summer. The Post Star reports that though many dismissed it, Lake George Tiki Tours does have a temporary approval to add a new 26-foot Lyman-style boat (think the old Adirondack wooden-style).

The tours are typically 60-90 minutes and are very slow, moving no more than 10mph. The tiki boats hold about 6 people and this new added boat will hold up to 9. There has been a ton of debate surrounding this company, from reports of patrons urinating off of the side without repercussion or putting more people on than legally permitted so all permits are currently on a probationary period.

What I don't understand is that the whole schtick is tiki boats, so why did they need to argue to tour with an older wooden-style boat. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the whole tiki theme?

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