Theme parks are great and seeing commercials for them all of the time I'm sure makes it even harder to tell your kids that you can't afford to go. This Dad was genius and found a way beyond that.

This Dad couldn't afford to take his daughter to Disneyland so he came up with the next best thing. He looked up a video on YouTube of a roller coaster, held his daughter in a bin and acted like she was actually riding the ride. This, everyone, this is parenting done right.

I was an only child and my Mom worked all of the time so it wasn't just money that kept me from things, the fact that she had to work did too. Just because I didn't go to a bunch of theme parks as a kid, I still had a great childhood thanks to similar "poor people" hacks. For example, instead of a cool treehouse, I had a cardboard box that I did everything with. Instead of a playset outside, I had a tree in my Grandma's yard that in my brain was everything. It's good to see there are parents who are spreading that wonder and that imagination to their children. Kudos to this Dad!

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