Every day we're forced to keep our guard up and stay on high alert as potential scammers and hackers could be everywhere. Scamming anybody out of their hard-earned money is dreadful, but targeting the elderly is simply the lowest of the low.  That's exactly what is happening and the State Police are warning local residents about the so called 'grandparent scam' that robbed a Saratoga County resident of at least $11,000.

Warn your parents or grandparents and stay on high alert yourself.  According to NewYorkUpstate.com state police are warning the general public about scams targeting older people.

So-called "grandparent scams" involve unknown individuals calling older or elderly people and pretending to be a relative, usually a grandchild who needs money for some pressing matter.

Victims sometimes are asked to wire money to the scammer, or send gift cards. The scammers also ask the victims not to contact his or her parents about the money because it would be embarrassing.

Anybody who receives a call that may sound or feel I a potential scam should ask questions that an impostor would not be able to answer correctly.  And it should be reported to officials right away.


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