This St. Patrick's Day weekend, make sure you designate a driver because police will be out in full force looking for those who are reckless on the roads. Be aware that local and New York State Police will be doing special stops this St. Patrick's Day weekend to try and curb drinking and driving. The police traffic detail starts Friday March 15th and runs through Monday March 18th.

According to News 10 ABC, you can look for more sobriety check points, several DWI patrols, and even a closer watch on underage drinking and selling alcohol to minors. Police will also look to ticket distracted drivers who are on their phones.

This campaign is being done this weekend because the St. Patrick's Day holiday is one of the deadliest because the number of drunk drivers that take to the roads. Last year (2018) during the same crack down by law enforcement, New York State Troopers made two hundred forty three arrests for DWI and wrote close to thirteen thousand tickets.

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