This is a new way to commit a crime: police arrested a naked man over the weekend after he allegedly broke into a building.

I guess you can call this guy the Nude Intruder! According to a Times Union report, police arrested a naked Florida man after he allegedly broke into a building on Pearl Street. When police got to the scene, they came upon damage to the building and the naked man was spotted on an upper floor in the building. The man, Porter Denson, Jr.,  was eventually caught naked on the street and was charged with burglary and criminal mischief, according to the Times Union.

Breaking into a building is bad enough, but ending up naked while doing so takes this  to a level of bad and weird. Plus, breaking into a building and getting naked doesn't seem like the best way to protect yourself from injury. That said, common sense went went bye bye once the decision to break in was made.

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