It was just over three years ago that I got my diagnosis with cancer.

It’s a day, no, a moment, you never forget.  How do you now go on? What about your family? All these things go through your head, well that and more.

I was fortunate, I guess you could say, as the cancer I had required surgery and no follow up treatments. I was able to resume “normal” life after a few weeks.

I learned, through this life experience, how cancer changes you; it’s almost like joining a club. So when I hear stories like this one about this family, I know I have to share it and do what I can to help.

It was almost a year ago that Andrea started doing weekly segments with CBS 6. The reporter and "camera crew" (Leslie) came to the house at 4 a.m. to set up. I would say “hi” then head to work. One week, I noticed I could not find Sam, my dog. When I finally saw him, there he was with Leslie! They would sit together week after week.  I know you have heard me say this before, but dogs, I think, really do have a sense about people, and he loved Leslie.

We only crossed paths for a very brief time, but in the short time we spent with Leslie, we knew she was a good person with a great heart!

Recently we heard the news about Leslie. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not long after that, her husband Michael was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Leslie and Michael have four special needs children who they have adopted from other countries. The boys range in age from 4-16 years old!

From everything I hear, both Leslie and Michael are in good spirits and trying to move on, keeping things as normal as possible for their four boys. I can’t help but want to do so much to help this family.

Give Forward Campaign, Leslie & Micheal

Please read this story on Leslie and Michael Desjadon and watch the news piece from CBS 6 Albany. I know you will meet a family deserving of your support.

Anything you can do to help them will be greatly appreciated I am sure!  I am not sure if they are collecting donations other than monetary donations to help with medical bills, but if you would like to help I am sure someone at CBS 6 can help you get other donations to Leslie.

Please spread the word as well.