We all have our quirks and we all like to eat some strange things- some stranger than others. I find myself to be a pretty open person, except, don't mess with my pizza.

I've tried jelly beans on pizza, I've put Wendy's Frosty on a Taco Bell taco, I've even experimented with potato chips on a banana and peanut butter sandwich but here, here is where I draw the line.

A few weeks ago there was an internet debate whether or not pineapple on pizza was a good idea or generally accepted by everyone. This woman started a whole new debate on Twitter: pizza + milk. In my opinion this is probably the most disgusting way to eat pizza. For one, the pizza gets soggy and that's a waste. Two, the milk gets weird grease in it and gets sludgy. Three, why? But, as I said, we all experiment and we all have our weird quirky foods that make us happy. We're in the time where there are sushi donuts and Peeps Flavored Oreos, so anything is possible. Now, I'm curious, what's the out of the ordinary food combination that you like?

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