Natalie Gillis who perished in a single-engine plane crash on Monday morning in Albany, NY was much more than an accomplished pilot. We are learning more about her life through her beautiful photography and many adventures.

34-year-old Natalie Gillis of Alberta, Canada was working for a surveying company in Montreal. She was returning from a job in North Carolina and stayed overnight in Albany. Unfortunately, shortly after takeoff, she had engine trouble and perished.

Natalie's job as a surveyor does not begin to define who she is. She was a wilderness guide and had completed a backpacking journey across Canada earlier this month.

The Times Union reported that Natalie was hired as a kayak guide at sea. This adventure was with a sixty-foot sailboat that crossed through the Drake Passage ending up in Antarctica. This is where she wrote a book of poetry called "This is Where Atlantis Sank." Not only did this book chronicle her journey, but she also took breathtaking photos of her adventure.

In an email, Natalie's brother Matthew Yap told the Times Union,

I don't know what to say. I'm still overwhelmed with grief. I'd like to thank the first responders, coroner, and NTSB for all their work, condolences, and support.

Authorities could not confirm that Natalie intentionally tried to avoid homes and vehicles before the crash, it appears as she did.

It's such an unfortunate end to a beautiful young woman's life but I think I can speak for many of us when I say that I am glad I got a glimpse of what this remarkable woman accomplished in her short time on earth.

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