Some new phone scams have made their way to the Capital Region.

So if you do not recognize the area code that is calling you, don't answer. According to a News 10 story a phone scam where the scammer will call several times and hang up, hoping to get interested in whats going on. Inc says if you call or text back in one of these situations, you could be charged premium rates because the calls are coming from several foreign locales in what the website calls 'Ring and Run Scams.'

This is one of those things that years ago may have been scary or costly, but honestly, who answers their cell phones anymore with caller ID and screening? My first thought is, if I don't recognize the number, I don't answer because I assume it's a telemarketer. And even if they call several times, if they do not leave a message, it can't be important right?

But bottom line is these days -  play it safe no matte what the circumstance. If you do not recognize a number, don't chance it by answering, calling or texting back. If you really want to play it safe, you can see a full list of area codes to avoid here.

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