Being an Eagle fan in Upstate New York can have it's drawbacks, the biggest of which is being constantly surrounded by Giant fans if you go to a local watering hole to enjoy a game. I'm not sure there is many other fans that can be quite so loud and boisterous as a N.Y. Giant fan when they are winning.  The upside is that when we beat them watching them walk away sad can be very satisfying. This deal that the Eagles just signed could lead to many more good endings to our games with Big Blue.

With just one more year left on his rookie contract Pro-Bowl defensive lineman and one man wrecking ball Fletcher Cox told the Eagles he wanted a long term deal. Eagle fans around the country all but demanded that the team come to the table and keep Cox in midnight green for years to come, and they listened.

According to a tweet earlier from NFL reporter Adam Shefter, "Eagles and Fletcher Cox agree to 6-year, $103M extension that includes $63M gtd (garaunteed), per sources. Highest guarantee for a non-QB in NFL history."

Is that crazy money? You bet but if this kid stays healthy there is no telling how good he will be over the next few years. After being drafted by the Eagles in the first round in 2012 he has gotten better every year. Last year he made the Pro-Bowl and was voted the NFL's 49th best player in it's Top 100 countdown.




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