It has been a difficult process getting the COVID vaccine in the Capital Region, but more locations to get vaccinated will soon be available.

According to a News 10 report, three major pharmacy chains will all be offering COVID-19 vaccinations to those who are eligible when they become available. This will include Rite Aid, CVS,  and Walgreens locations in the Capital Region.  The News 10 report says CVS expects to have the vaccines available in March/April, and Rite Aid plans to have them for phases 2 and 3 of distribution. We are currently still in phases 1a and 1b of distribution.

The good news is as we get into the later phases of eligibility. with all of these pharmacies gearing up to give the vaccines out, we should have easier access down the road. But at this point, it is not very clear when the vaccine will have widespread availability as vaccines are still in short supply. There is no real clarity with the timeline of the phases of eligibility which makes it challenging to come to any conclusion when you can actually get vaccinated. There have also been various accounts of confusion and difficulty getting the vaccine, an appointment for a shot, or just someone on the phone to get answers. The whole vaccination process feels like a fluid process with a lot of loose ends as the state tries to figure it all out.

The only real answer to it getting better at this point is bolstered vaccination supply. At least we know where to get those vaccines when they finally become available.

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