We all feel great after working on this Shop With A Cop charity.  And it turns out that giving is good for your mental health, according to a new study.  Here's the study! 

According to Clinical Psychological Science, if you perform acts of kindness, it actually will help you mentally. Quoting:

If we do small things for others, such as holding a door open for someone, we won't feel as poorly on stressful days," researcher Emily Ansell says in an Association for Psychological Science press release. It gives you an improved outlook on things.  "

They've actually called it PRO social behavior (get it? Opposite of ANT social.)   Well, we definitely have had some good feelings lately, especially with our Shop with a Cop initiative.  Just helping people by wrapping presents really made me feel great (except for the guy who bought the MacBook Air - I was too jealous to wrap it, but I digress).

So do something good for the brain.  Get out there and do something nice.  You might just extend your life!

photo by Richie Phillips