Whole Foods Market has been in the news lately for allegedly overcharging their customers for some of the purchases that they made. There was an article in USA Today about the store in New York City being accused of it, but now it’s hit really close to home. The Whole Foods Market in Colonie Center has been accused of overcharging Albany area customers for some of their purchases.

Whole Foods Market - Colonie Center
Whole Foods Market - Colonie Center (Bro.Lou Roberts Collection)

After an inspection that was conducted back in January by the Albany County Department Of Weights And Measures, it was discovered that the labels showed an incorrect weight on some prepackaged foods. The contents inside the packages allegedly didn’t weigh as much as what was actually indicated on the labels. The store was fined more than $11,000.

According to the story from CBS 6 Albany, Michael SInatra, a spokesperson from Whole Foods Market stated that “We want to assure our shoppers that Whole Foods Market has never intentionally used deceptive practices to incorrectly charge customers.” They also have a policy that they will completely refund customers any items that were found to have the wrong weight or price on them.

In the article from The Times Union, there’s information about some of the samples that were chosen for testing and inspection.

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