Finally! The bulk retailer has a proposal on the table for a Guilderland location.

Apparently one of the higher ups read my recent plea for Costco to open a Capital Region location, or maybe it is just a coincidence. Either way, it is super exciting to report there is a proposal in front of Guilderland officials for Costco's first Capital Region location, according to a Times Union story. Costco is targeting the Rapp Road entrance area to Crossgates Mall as a potential location for a 158,000 square foot store. The report mentions no time frame of when this Costco could possibly open.

Now obviously a lot has to happen for this proposal to become a reality. But, you have to figure Crossgates already being a major retail center with the infrastructure to support the traffic of a big box store has to make the likelihood of this happening pretty high.

If Costco eventually does open here, that would give us one each of the big bulk retail stores with our existing Sam's Club and BJ's locations. They the debate can really begin locally about which one is the best!

Now, if we can just get Chick-Fil-A to open somewhere outside of Albany Airport.

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