A huge teacher shortage is looming in New York. In the next five years, there will be over one hundred thousand teacher positions available. According to Spectrum News, there will be an overwhelming need for teachers throughout the state in the next five years. There has been a lack of interest in the teaching profession and add to the fact that many educators are retiring.

A summit was held last week in Syracuse to bring up concerns about how to get more young people interested in teaching. The New York State Teachers' Union (NYSTU) organized the summit where they heard from teachers, students and lawmakers.

The NYSTU estimated that New York state will need one hundred eighty thousand new teachers to fill positions within the next five years. Teachers voiced their concerns about different experiences and obstacles they face. Others feel that the state requirements and fees to become a teacher are hard to overcome.

The goal of the summit is to keep dialog open and come up with policy solutions with state lawmakers.

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