You've heard the phrase "top dog" before, right? Well, this dog is not only the top dog, he's also the highest ranking police officer in his small town. 

So how does a drug sniffing dog named Nikka end up being the top and only certified police officer charged with protecting the small town of Vaugh, New Mexico? Turns out all the other cops were a bit ... dirty, according to a report.

The former police chief had to resign because he wasn't allowed to carry a gun due to his criminal background.

The small community's other cop was stripped of his badge after he pleaded guilty to assault and battery against a member of his household.

So that leaves only Nikka. So does the community feel protected with only a dog on its police force at the moment?

"There's just a whole lot of nothing going on here," said resident Joyce Tabor. "We have very little crime. It's quiet. So this really doesn't matter."

We hear a monkey is running for mayor next year.