I want to be very clear about this blog right off the bat,  I am not being paid in any way to right this blog. I just honestly feel that if there are people like me who would like to create a weekly fantasy football team and compete with friends and other fans, they should be able to do it.  I do support Fantasy Football and have enjoyed being a part of FanDuel and DraftKings for the last couple of years. As you know our Attorney General declared it against state laws and had it banned in New York, so some lawmakers are trying to pass a bill to legalize and legislate fantasy betting here in New York State. If you are like me and want to show support for that legislation passing there is an easy way to be counted.

I just got this in an e mail from DraftKings as a reminder about the deadline to show support and thought I would pass it along to anyone else out there who also enjoys playing on these sites.

It is a link to an easy form to fill out that will be sent to our New York State representatives letting them know how we feel and urging them to pass this law allowing Fantasy sites back onto our state. If you would like to join in the cause just click the button , fill out a few lines of information and hit send. It's that easy.