The Albany City School District is investigating a social media event called "Exposure Day." I knew kids were mean when I was in school but I can't believe it's gotten this bad!

The idea behind "Exposure Day" is that kids would post a picture of a classmate to embarrass or intimidate them, according to WTEN. Apparently there were some middle school students who brought the event to the attention of some of the administrators.

I started middle school right when the internet was growing into the powerhouse it is now. I was bullied in person and online and both were awful to live through. The worst part of the internet is that bullies can hide behind a screen, they get meaner. I went to a school where I didn't have as much money as they did and I wasn't as skinny as they were. They made me feel like I was the poor little fat kid. I was in 7th grade, being bullied by fellow 7th graders!

I'm so glad that the Albany City School District is taking this seriously. You don't know what kind of things are going on behind the scenes and to have to deal with bullying at school on top of it could be seriously detrimental to a child. If you see that your child is being bullied or may be the bully, reach out to the school so they can maybe stop future potential "Exposure Day" events from happening.

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