Well, it's the time of year where you hear about all these haunted places, not only in the Capital Region, but nationwide. Here is one place we can brag about.

Only In Your State has used the term "Gates of Hell" to describe the cemetery Forest Park or as we locals call it, Pinewoods. Life Magazine listed it as one of the top ten most haunted cemeteries in the United States. If that doesn't freak you out, don't get any ideas about checking this place out. There are plenty of surveillance cameras and people have gotten into trouble in the past for breaking in. It is not open to the public.

I really wish I could show you pictures of this place but as noted above, its not open to the public.

So what makes this place so haunted? Here are a few headless stories. If you know of this place, you may be imagining the headless angel inside. The story behind that statue is that she bleeds from her neck at night. I am very sure you may seem skeptical by this point, but I have heard this claim for years . On top of that there is another headless statue that all of a sudden will have its head appear.

There is more. Just inside the entrance of the cemetery is a tomb called "The Receiving Tomb" and it may be the spookiest part of the entire property. In the past, people have claimed being pushed by something as well as scratched. That seems very demonic to me. Also, when you get closer to the tomb, your cell phone battery my abruptly lose power.

There are plenty more phenomenons that exist from Pinewoods in Troy, a cemetery with a lot of history. A cemetery claimed to be haunted, do you believe the claims? Check out the two links below, the one from Only In Your State has pictures.

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