I appreciate a parent who is involved in their child's curriculum but sometimes they may step the line into deciding what's appropriate. Did this mother do that?

Sarah Hall, from England, is upset that her son is being forced to read the book "Sleeping Beauty" in school. According to CBS6 Albany, the mother thinks the book "promotes an inappropriate sexual message since it tells children it's okay to kiss a woman while she's asleep."

I don't disagree that the overall message to tell guys that it's fine to kiss girls while they're sleeping isn't a great one. The difference is that this is a children's story. In the story, Sleeping Beauty is in eternal slumber and will only awake by true love's kiss. Kissing her is literally a life or death situation that doesn't usually happen in real life, as far as I've seen. I think she went a little too far and if she thinks this story is giving her son the wrong message, teach him otherwise or talk to the teacher about him reading something else. Do you agree?

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