Pets are more than just animals, they're family members. Imagine being out and your dog is choking or your cat may have eaten something they shouldn't. Don't you wish you had one app on your phone that could help you know what to do.

You may not have known this but the American Red Cross has some really great apps available for your phone that not only can save a person's life but your pet's life too. If a human starts choking, I know enough about the Heimlich Maneuver to try to save a person but if it happens to a dog or a cat, I'd freeze. Those precious minutes could be the make or break point to save their life.

I was reminded of the app by Mental Floss and as they say, "The Red Cross makes it clear that its app is no replacement for a licensed medical professional, and even gives you the option to upload your vet's phone number or search for nearby animal hospitals within the app" but it's great in a pinch and a great tool to learn some techniques so you know what to do if a situation presents itself.

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