For the past 6 weeks, as the world waited for April to birth her calf, one viewer had all the nerves and anxiety as we did.  He wasn't watching on You Tube, wasn't aware of all the memes, and didn't participate in any of the "April Baby" office pools.  His name is Oliver, and he's the dad.

This beautiful photo was one of the first images taken of father and son. I don't know how anxious Olly was to meet his little man, but judging by the amount of pacing he did, it was probably as much, if not more than any daddy would be.  Our emotional heartstrings tend to be tugged far greater when it comes to animals. I can understand why.  Observe behavior in the animal kingdom (or your own home) and you learn to appreciate animals and their undying loyalty to their own. There aren't deadbeat moms or dads in the wild; quite the opposite actually.

Look at this tender moment, one that will surely make you get the feels. They say a picture is a worth a thousand words, but in this case only one seems appropriate: Finally


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