Air Force One is expected to set its landing gear down at Albany International Airport tomorrow (Friday) just after noon.  And yes, President Obama will be on board.  Initially, the President was suppose to be here Tuesday, but that was only weather dependent and of course, the Northeast storm hindered original plans. 

Accompanying the President will be State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Representative Paul Tonko.  He will be heading to Schenectady to take a tour of General Electric with the CEO, Jeffrey Immelt.  The President also plans to give a speech, which is set for around 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

I think it's pretty miraculous President Obama is coming to Schenectady.  I don't necessarily pay attention to every "small" town or city the President travels to, except if he's traveling, for example, to Tucson, Arizona to attend a memorial service.  As much as I would love to try and be there for his speech tomorrow, I think it would be just as cool to see his motorcade or plane relatively up close.  The President's presence in the Capital Region is pretty cool in and of itself.  Both means of travel would be just enough for me to talk about especially if I were able to snap a picture.  It's not everyday the President comes to your hometown or neighboring city.

Courtesy of Miguel Villagran, Getty Images.

Security will definiately be tight and it is suppose to get colder tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'll even attempt to travel to Schenectady.  However, if you work at GE or get close enough to catch a glimpse, please be sure to give us your first-hand experience below. 

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