One of the driving fundamentals is to never pass on the right and to always pass on the left. That's why the left lane is commonly called the "passing lane," but that's not how everyone uses it, unless a NYS lawmaker has his way.

Joe Griffo, an Oneida County Republican, wants to rewrite the law regarding the left lane on highways so that access is only allowed to drivers who are passing other drivers, according to the Times Union. The way he envisions it, after not passing anyone for a mile and a half, you would be required to move over to the next lane on the right.

Apparently, people have been complaining that other drivers haven't been using this lane for passing, but more like a "fast lane." If his bill passes, it would apply to the entirety of the state. There's no word on how far the bill has gotten (if anywhere), but it is something that is enforced in New Jersey so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

I don't know how they can enforce that law, especially in times of rush hour traffic. So far, there isn't a punishment listed, but that may and probably will change if the bill goes through.

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