Apparently no one want to call the Empire State home anymore.

When it comes down to it, New York is not really a bad place to live, but I guess the numbers don't lie. According to Zippia, almost 1.6% of New York's population (307,190)  moved out from 2017-2018 making it their #1 state Americans do not want to live in. We know it can be an expensive state to live in, and as you would expect Zippia mentions that as a contributing factor to New York's ranking in their article.

So where are New Yorkers moving to? Zippia says New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Connecticut and North Carolina are the top destinations. These are interesting in their own right, since New Jersey, Connecticut and California are also expensive states to live in. New Jersey (#2) and Connecticut (#7) also rank in the top ten states we don't want to live in.

Let's hope the exodus slows up! And lets hope fewer residents paying taxes doesn't lead to higher taxes for those of us who remain!

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