If getting out an about the day after Thanksgiving sounds better than shopping, you can check out New York State Parks free of charge.

A day out walking off that Thanksgiving Day meal is probably a good idea, and doing it for free at a New York park sounds even better, right? According to NYUP.com Governor Cuomo has announced free admission to all New York State parks this Friday, November 23rd. NYUP says many of the parks are free during the off-season, but the Black Friday event will allow you to get in for free to '...Niagara Falls, the Walkway over the Hudson, Minnewaska Preserve and others.'

Walkway over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie is always a good one to visit with it's panormic views of the Hudson! You can always check out a full list of our state parks at this link if you would like to check something else out!


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