One of the things we are allowed to do during the coronavirus pandemic is to enjoy the beautiful nature around us. We are lucky because we are surrounded by the Adirondacks and near the Catskills but the state wants you to clean up after yourself. According to News 10 ABC, there is a desperate plea for those using and enjoying the hiking trails and sprawling mountains in New York state. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) is sending out a message to all enjoying nature to stop leaving your garbage. They want you to "Leave No Trace".

There were many photos that the NYSDEC has posted on their Twitter page showing the trash left behind from hikers and other visitors to all state land including some waterways and hiking trails.

Many nature lovers have filed complaints and let rangers know that there has been garbage left many times throughout the Adirondacks and the Catskills. As many people take advantage of the miles of beautiful hiking trails, they are littering and leaving plenty of trash.

They are hoping everyone follows the Leave No Trace principles. They are simple reminders for everyone to enjoy nature without leaving trash or anything behind.

  1. Don't leave food, trash, gear, or personal belongings and always carry back out whatever you carry in
  2. Carry a small bag for your own trash so you can throw it away at home. Don't put garbage in porta-potties or outhouses.
  3. Use rest areas before you arrive at trails or use bathroom facilities when available.
  4. Wear gloves and sanitize your hands when you are done cleaning up trash. Take extra precautions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Enjoy nature but make sure you put it back the way you found it in all its beauty. Remember to Leave No Trace.

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